Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Well it’s not that often that I visit the cinema. I’m not very good at sitting still for long and generally prefer to be able to pause a movie for a quick admin break – ok to refill the wine glass.

Anyway Norwich has a gorgeous little place called Cinema City. The cinema & restaurant / bar is set in an old Merchant Hall – it’s a fabulous setting. It makes for a polar opposite experience from the big chain cinemas. It’s friendly, cosy, warm & comfortable. They sell Green & Blacks choc late, posh ice cream as well as encouraging you to take in wine or cocktails – in real glasses. We saw Sex & The City 1 all glammed up with a Manhattan for refreshment & to get us fully into the mood!

Anyway I digress… this time we went to see Black Swan in case the visual clues hadn’t been enough!! I completely loved it!! I was drawn into it as much as my co-viewers appeared to be. There were quite a few gasps & giggles when we jumped at the thrilling and unexpected parts. The dancing was incredible. It’s a film I could easily see again if only to work out a few bits and be ridiculously envious of the talent of the ballet dancers. The acting was superb too and I could see why it’s up for so many awards.

It’s prompted a little flurry of cinema jaunts for me, thinking The King’s Speech is the next one on the list; that is unless anyone wants to see Black Swan … I could easily be persuaded!!

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