Friday, 28 January 2011

Burns Night, an excuse to eat, drink and be merry!

Yes, it's almost the weekend hurrahhh. It's been one of those weeks, I lost the camera lead again (how I don't know!!), and I'm battling the tax return. Maths was never my strong point.

Anyway this weekend I'm off to Lincoln to see one of my bestest buddies. He's in the RAF and every so often I get invited to a dinner or a party and get to dress up like a princess - well that's what my 2 year old niece would call it, only I won't be wearing fairy wings!!
This weekend is a Robbie Burns Night. I love these as it reminds me of growing up in bonnie Scotland & staying up late to go to the Edinburgh Tattoo as a treat as kids.
Is it bad that I have the vegi haggis option - I don't eat much meat & hoof & eyelash cooked in a bullocks scrotum is a bit too much for me!!
Moving on swiftly... feeble menu option arranged, now I need is to decide what to wear.... My prized piece in my wardrobe is a Vivienne Westwood kilt. I love Queen Viv & her amazing designs, sadly I can't afford the price tags - even on Ebay!!! Now the kilt would be perfect in my eyes, however the dress code is below knee..... it's below knee in some places, does that count??? he he.

Another thing I loved to make when I was wee was a wardrobe for cut-out dolls -- the kind of clothes with fold back tabs. This way in my imagination I could have any dress I wished for. Sooo in my imagination I would keep on the Westwood Tartan theme and go for this scrumptious dress oooh
Anyway, back to reality. Time to get on with some work, boooooo!!
Wishing you all a splendidly wonderful weekend xxxxxxx


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  2. It so counts....Vivienne rules.....the kilt is gorgeous, go wear it be fabulous!!

  3. I am envious, sounds like a splendid night, enjoy.


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