Friday, 21 January 2011

My visit to Narnia !

Well Happy New Year to you all, hope it's started off well.
I had a very happy moment when I found my camera lead!! Sad but it meant that I couldn't get on with my little creative projects. It also stopped me from blogging all my usual nonsense, so not all bad ha ha!!
Anyway I took some photos when I was away in the mountains of France at Christmas that I wanted to share with you. With the streetlights and all the snow I felt like I was in Narnia. Although I hadn't come out of the closet I did have on a rather yummy faux fur & furry Russian styled hats to keep me toasty warm mmmm.

I'm a big baby la la when it comes to skiing for reasons I have yet to work through with myself a a Paul McKenna book ha ha.

Anyway I managed to put my big girls blouse moments to use & scoped out a few good bars & cafes he he. One particularly nice & sunny point I took myself and my camera on a little snappy snap jaunt. I found this chalet with sparkly chandeliers on it awwwwhhhhh the inner magpie was awoken.

After all that glitz I dragged my bestest friend (and rather good skiier) off the slopes and into a very glam (and pricey) wine / cocktail bar. It was very minimalist with Philip Stark tables & chairs and lots of cool lighting & big windows. We managed to whittle away a bottle of rose wine
- well when en France!!

This last little one is my buddies on Christmas day - yep by lunchtime we were back on the booze despite having all had far too much bubbly on Christmas eve hic! xxxx


  1. Wow! That looks amazing. I want to go on holiday NOW! xx

  2. Hiya Clare - thanks so much for stopping by Dolliedaydream and lovely to meet you virtually - I love your blog! Wow this looks amazing, although I am a big wimp when it comes to snow and exercise for that matter. We are moving to the Midi Pyrenese so I believe we have lots of snow to look forward to this winter ... yikes, so I will no doubt be trying out a winter weekend away at some point later this year. You'll have to save for a flight and come and visit us in the summertime for some cupcakes :-)


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