Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Little Miracle in Malvern

Well I don’t know about you but this weekend I just happened to discover possibly the best boutique B&B!

This year has been full of unusual events and this weekend I returned to the Malvern Hills for the second time in as many months. Not bad for somewhere I couldn’t have located on a map previously (yes I admit Geography is not my strongest subject!).

I had been to a wedding in Eastnor Castle the last time, where we drank (maybe a little too much) champagne whilst the firework display lit up the lake & forest below the stunning castle. Quite a decedent event & a fabulous wedding. The next day was not quite so fabulous as we were feeling a little second hand to say the least! We considered a brisk walk in the beautiful countryside & chose a nice drive & several pints of sugary soft drinks in a pub garden instead!!!

Anyway, this weekend was just as opulent (quite a contrast from my DIY & car boot purchasing weekends!). I was invited to an Aston martin DB7 weekend in Wales. It clashed with various vintage fairs and amazingly I was torn (I do love my Vintage). The decision was swung when I was told that I could drive the DB7 some of the journey!! The roar of the V12 engine does make me giggle like a small child offered the keys to a sweet shop. What a beautiful car & when there were 25 variations in one place it was definitely a little piece of eye candy heaven!!

On the way over I decided a stop off at the Malvern’s would break up the cross country trip & what a break it was! Treherne House was our destination – a boutique B&B & possibly the nicest, friendliest place I have ever stayed.

Relaxing, sumptuous, spoilt rotten, delicious cuisine ….. The décor was fabulous, attention to detail was incredible and the friendly & helpful warm welcome from the owners Mark & Alex made for perfection. We spent much of dinner chatting with the other (very lovely) guests, who were gushing with compliments about the place & wonderful owners. We felt like we were staying with friends. I was really sad to leave even though I had the rest of the weekend ahead – and a sexy car to drive too!

I could ramble on for ages about this place, it was so sweet & I’m definitely going back. I would have taken photos of the décor and detailing but silly me forgot to charge the camera battery! There was an antique wardrobe I would like to have taken with me – sadly the Aston didn’t have a tow bar & a trailer would probably spoil the streamlining ha ha. The room was filled with all sorts of useful goodies like a Cath Kidson knitted cover hot water bottle, we had (very nice indeed) wine in our room on arrival (always a winner with me) and a great selection of nice herbal teas & coffees (I think this is missing at many hotels and I like to have a cup of tea in my PJ’s!).

Anyway I had a fabulous weekend and I got to wear lots of sun dresses in the daytime & party frocks in the evening. We had a walk up one of the Malvern Hills in silly slippy leather shoes and unsuitable attire (floor length sun dress & clutch bag!!) much to the amusement of the hiking boot & trainer wearing visitors. Luckily the weather held out too, what a lucky girl I was. It’s very grey & wet in Norfolk today, but I’m indoors & I don’t really mind!!

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