Tuesday, 22 February 2011

tea and a nice bit of crumpet!!

Popped into Norwich on Saturday to check out Norwich Fashion Week. Saw some splendid 1950's hair styling at Goldfinches Vintage shoppe and then pootled up Lower Goat lane to squeeze in a bit of light window shopping. (The bank balance is not looking so good but it 's rude not to check out the delights of the lanes boutiques).
We popped into a Biddy's Tearoom - a nice little vintage styled tearoom which was rather nicely done up. It was the perfect spot for an afternoon tea with friends. It had a lovely feel to it and made me want to get dolled up for future occasions - perhaps a bit of courting with a genteel stroll about town afterwards!!

Anyway RetroChick already blogged a very nice piece about this sweet little cafe, complete with photos. I simply can't out do it! :)
Do check out her website for finding on all things gorgeous, vintage and fabulous in the Norfolk & Suffolk area.

Anyway back to the tearoom.... It's really worth a visit and of course you must force yourself to try some home baked cake yuuum!! You never know, you might even spot a nice bit of crumpet there too!!

Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Valentines x

Well I was at a lovely Vintage Fair yesterday selling emergency Valentines cards to plenty of people who had forgotten all about it!

We made up a variety of vintage image cards from Victoriana grandeur to 1950's kitsch. This image is one of my favourites & I dropped on into one of my girlfriends letterboxes yesterday. She really does wear the craziest hats!!

Anyway last night I took the boyfriend to the Jonathan Wyatt Big Band concert where we were treated to some fabulous Glenn Miller tunes & some incredible singing from the Moonglow Sisters who were doing Andrews Sisters songs. It was brilliant but sadly there was no room for dancing - shame as I was hoping to practice, lord knows I need to before the summer events.

Anyway this evening a few of my lovely friends are meeting up to watch Breakfast at Tiffany's at Cinema City. I can't wait as I love this film so much and I've never seen it on the big screen.

Wishing you all a rather splendid Valentines day, I love you all xxxx

Friday, 4 February 2011

Valentines - Dead Romantic or Utterly Rancid?

Ok, I need help… hummm most people who know me would agree with that!! However what I really need help with is Valentines Day. I’m no romantic and would normally cast the day aside as an over hyped retail marketers dream. And also, if you have to have a day depicted to you of when you are supposed to be kind and spoil you partner it’s a sad shame. Kind, thoughtless acts are for all year round surely? Gosh I’m more of a humbug about this that Christmas ha ha

Ok I can make a card, just happen to be knocking up some vintage styled ones for a Vintage valentines fair I’m doing… ok so that’s done. I can easily find something nice to write as he’s such a sweetie (he he luckily he rarely reads my blog as sweet is like cute in his book – reserved for kittens and cupcakes!)

I had a scan on a vintage events website/blog for the Norwich area and found a Jonathan Wyatt Big Band event. Should be set for a good bit of old style music. I profess to know nothing, other than what I like. – I grew up with Glen Miller, not literally obviously!!

Anyway I shall already be vintaged up from the daytime event so a bit more red lippy & some heated roller action (if there’s time) and a glass or two of pink champagne (ok probably really cava) and I’ll be ready. I also can’t dance to music pre 1950’s so I should thoroughly out of my depth – especially as the boyfriend like to show off his dance moves. I’ll get him back at anything playing dance music – he’d be like a deer in the headlights ha ha.

Anyway I’ve been babbling on & I’m not even on the wine. What I was hoping any advice on how to be romantic – I looked on Amazon some time ago ha ha but I value friend opinions over some smug book writing advice giving couple.

What lovely things are you doing for Valentines? I imagine that you are all fun, fabulous, thoughtful types 365 day of the year.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Well it’s not that often that I visit the cinema. I’m not very good at sitting still for long and generally prefer to be able to pause a movie for a quick admin break – ok to refill the wine glass.

Anyway Norwich has a gorgeous little place called Cinema City. The cinema & restaurant / bar is set in an old Merchant Hall – it’s a fabulous setting. It makes for a polar opposite experience from the big chain cinemas. It’s friendly, cosy, warm & comfortable. They sell Green & Blacks choc late, posh ice cream as well as encouraging you to take in wine or cocktails – in real glasses. We saw Sex & The City 1 all glammed up with a Manhattan for refreshment & to get us fully into the mood!

Anyway I digress… this time we went to see Black Swan in case the visual clues hadn’t been enough!! I completely loved it!! I was drawn into it as much as my co-viewers appeared to be. There were quite a few gasps & giggles when we jumped at the thrilling and unexpected parts. The dancing was incredible. It’s a film I could easily see again if only to work out a few bits and be ridiculously envious of the talent of the ballet dancers. The acting was superb too and I could see why it’s up for so many awards.

It’s prompted a little flurry of cinema jaunts for me, thinking The King’s Speech is the next one on the list; that is unless anyone wants to see Black Swan … I could easily be persuaded!!