Monday, 27 September 2010

Monaco Yacht Show

Well it has nothing to do with vintage, fashion or cupcakes... although I did wear vintage. Humm I guess I now have to prove it with a photo of me looking rather tipsy (slight understatement)!!
Anyway I lucky enough to be invited to go to the Monaco Yacht Show & see how rich & famous live.These are no ordinary boats but Super Yachts and boy are they huge. I had been told that many in Monaco go for upwards of a quarter of a million Euros.

Fabulous tailored wool jacket with red edge and turn back cuffs1950 New Look style with a 1950's (I think) wrap-over pleated cream dress. It's my Marilyn Monroe dress!
Clearly didn't need that glass of wine!! ha ha

Crazy Super yachts with Lamborghinis stashed away, onboard swimming pools (like the photo above) , on deck dining, cinema rooms…. The list is endless.

There was one for sale had it’s own helicopter (above) on board 6 different types of boats for sailing & fun, 2 jet skis and a hot tub. The master bedroom was the size of my whole house !!!!

Probably my highlight was a sub dive. My dearest Daddy has been involved with Submarines all my life & used to dive occasionally in one man subs. My fab friend organised it so that I could dive in a 3 man sub. It was all very exciting & I totally loved it. If only I had the money to buy one – oh and some clear water to dive in….!!

Above was the balcony view from one of the after parties. The music was very cool at this party, however my coordination was a little off by this point - free champagne is my weakness! oops.

Anyway the weather was superb & I had lots of fun - managed not to purchase a yacht obviously!! hope your week was a sunny as mine xxx


  1. Hi there Claire,
    Wow, what fabulous yachts.....and a wonderful location. Wherever we are when on holiday, my husband has to look at the marina....he loves boats. You look fabulous and I love your outfit..... and when in Monaco one has to drink alcohol !!!!
    Many thanks for your lovely comment and for popping in to see me. It's lovely to hear from bloggers in the UK. XXXX

  2. Thank you for sharing...what an amazing time! Love your sweet outfit! And those Yachts..stunning. xoxo


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