Thursday, 22 July 2010

Festival Fever

Well it's taken me all nearly week to write up about last weekend. It was Festival time for me and my buddies. I'm not normally a tent person... camp yes (check out my music on my itunes ha ha), camping no! However I really did enjoy it this time.

Latitude is a gorgeous & very friendly festival just outside of Southwold. It's not just great music, but literature, poetry, theatre, ballet, dance, opera.....
Sadly we missed Nigel Kennedy - how mad would that have been! But we did get the second round of the legend that is Mr Tom Jones!!! Awesome.
Other delights were seeing Florence & the Machine, the XX were amazing & haunting, I love Vampire Weekend... the list goes on.

Before I totally bore you to sleep I should mention other things like the Keep & Share learn to knit stall. It looked incredible, good attention to detail. I would love to see this at all village fetes, such a great idea.
The tent pegs were even embellished in big balls of wool.

Rodrigo Y Gabriela were incredible as ever. I smugly had seen them before & insisted lots of my friends see them. They were blown away much to my delight! They pretty much make astounding music with two guitars & lots of talent.
Worth checking out.

Sadly couldn't fit in everything I wanted to see. I was very much up for checking out the La De Dahs 1940's styled singers singing many new songs in a classic style. Can't believe I missed them twice boo hoo.

If you go down the woods today you're sure to find a tree filled with blue butterflies and a fabulous recycled wooden bar serving yummy pimms. Perfecto.


  1. You seem to have had a very nice week end! Your imeges are very welcoming! I've never been to this kind of fairs...I'm interested now!!!
    Wish you a nice Summer week end!

  2. I love the learn to knot stall, how cute. Thanks so much for your kind words on my blog last friday. Hugs. Simone xx

  3. 好的blog值得一推再推,要愈來愈好哦!!!!............................................................


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